Mme. Roselyne Sibille

Mme. Roselyne Sibille

October, 2023

I want to share with all of you the pain of the death of Madame Roselyne Sibille, founder of the company CODIGEL, our strategic partner in France.

Her contribution to the hospitality equipment sector in France, particularly in the introduction of ice machines and professional hospitality equipment, is a testament to her vision and pioneering leadership in the industry. Furthermore, her support for the development of restaurant groups and chains is a significant legacy, her continued imprint on our sector.

A strong and advanced woman, one of those who later worked and have continued the fight day by day. A feminist without labels, cultured, intelligent and fun, an example for me.

I should highlight that Madame Roselyne Sibille has continued to be involved in the company and participating in the General Assemblies until she was 91 years old, which demonstrates her commitment and passion for the business that she helped found and develop. Her legacy will undoubtedly live on in the hospitality industry and she will continue to be remembered for her contributions.

She was a partner, friend and companion of my father, Octavio Cordón, and she made us participate in her way of understanding business and, of course, life.

My condolences to her family, to the members of the CODIGEL company and to all those who knew her. Her influence in the industry and her life dedicated to the business are worthy of admiration, and an example for me, for everyone.

A prayer for her soul, rest in peace.


ITV Ice Makers: An afternoon at the circus

ITV Ice Makers: An afternoon at the circus

January, 2023

Good morning,

I want to thank you and share with you that Friday was a very special day, where we were able to get together again, have fun and share.

Why go to the CIRCUS? Not all of us have had the opportunity to enjoy this show, and it is a rewarding and enriching experience.

If there is one event that we always miss from when we were little, it is, without a doubt, the circus. Clowns, jugglers, acrobats… Everything reminds us of moments full of magic, light and color. And the circus has been, is and will be the show par excellence where illusion, fantasy and imagination are mixed, but it is also the only show where perfection is the rule.

What inspires us the Circus?

ILLUSION, our lighthouse.
TEAMWORK, the essence.
We are excited about the acrobatics of the Circus, and nothing would be the same without the perfection of teamwork, that is the essence, the three ideas, and that is the inspiration.

Let me tell you that the year 2022 has been an excellent year for ITV Ice Makers, despite the difficulties we have had with suppliers, deadlines, changes, machines that have not followed us, etc., we can congratulate ourselves on everything we have achieved together.

Also, the outlook and projection for 2023 is very good, we have laid the foundations for robust and sustained growth.

And without anything else to say, let the show begin, and let these three ideas mark our daily lives in all aspects of our lives:



Appointment Forum of Renowned Spanish Brands

Appointment Forum of Renowned Spanish Brands

November, 2022

Good afternoon,

I would like to share with you the event that Javier and I attended on Monday the 21st.

ITV Ice Makers is a member of the Leading Brands of Spain Forum, a forum of which S.M. the King holds the honorary presidency and whose patron members include ACCIONA, Barceló Hotel Group, Hijos de Rivera, S.A.U. Inditex, MAPFRE, Grupo Osborne, Repsol and TENDAM.

The presentation focused on analyzing Spain’s role in the world from different perspectives. This is an important milestone for the FMRE, in which ITV Ice Makers participated as a forum member.

The list of speakers, their status and the topics covered made this event unique for all participants:

Reyes Maroto, Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism;
José Juan Ruiz, president of the Royal Elcano Institute;
Gabriela Cañas, President of the EFE Agency;
Emilio Butragueño, director of institutional relations of Real Madrid;
Sara Baras, dancer, director and choreographer, with whom Cristina Cordón shared some moments, both underlining the importance of flamenco in the internationalization of the Spanish brand.
María Blasco, Director of the National Center for Oncology Research:
Luis García Montero, writer and director of the Cervantes Institute.

I would like to highlight the presentation of Pablo López, Director General of the Brands Forum, who provided us with guidance to work on the areas where the importance of the brand is evident, both in internationalization and in intangibles, and that for ITV Ice Makers, for our growth, it was a great help.

A great job in favor of the Spain brand, of which I will keep you informed.


We want to be the best…and we are going to be the best

We want to be the best…and we are going to be the best

July, 2022

Good morning,

If at Christmas I talked to you about happiness, today I want to talk to you about COMMITMENT.

What do we mean by commitment? It’s loyalty, teamwork, efficiency, doing your job well, offering your time.

But we cannot understand commitment as an obligation, because then it weighs on us, costs us and does not have the same value, nor do we feel it in the same way. This is why I ask you to change the verb and apply it to all aspects of our lives.

Let’s change the concept of DUTY with that of WANT.

If we say “I have to go to work”, “I have to pay attention to what I do”, “I have to go for a run”… these actions weigh on us and become an obligation. However, if we change the verb and say “I want to go to work”, “I want to pay attention and do my job well”, “I want to go for a run”… we completely change the subject. Those of us who play sports know well how attention changes from having to do to wanting to!

And commitment is linked to that WANT. If there is no commitment, there is no job well done and there is no excellence, which we must all aspire to.

A company is like a boat, we all have to row at the same pace and in the same direction. Otherwise, we will not achieve the objectives we have set for ourselves and we will not arrive at the port.

So I want the summer to be good and, above all, I want us to be the best of the ITV ice makers. And we will be.

Thank you.


The data killed the story

The data killed the story

June, 2022


A week ago I was lucky enough to share the 5th Lean congress, organized by Progressa and ADL, with professionals from all sectors, and I take advantage of this forum to share with you some of the points we covered in the congress.

The certain thing is that the foundations of a continuous improvement project are people, and Lean tools are those that help us on the path to excellence. By people I mean you, us, the whole team that accompanies me on this adventure.

I talked about digitizing ITV, which is not simply adding IT support or implementing software, but must be part of an evolution of staff on the path to continuous improvement. And, in fact, all accompanied by training and involvement, the boring phrase “it’s in the DNA” doesn’t work and isn’t real. Many of the team remember the first steps in this method, measuring, collecting data, improving and planting the seeds of this great project.

Now we are on the right path, we improve, we implement new tools, and we continue with the usual ones in new departments, everyone participates and everyone helps… TOP5, VSM, tallers, class, we must be proud of what we are achieving.

We would not be, nor would we have achieved what ITV Ice Makers is now, without this transformation. Not only for the direct profit – the first thing you notice, the improvements over time -, but also for many others that are not seen immediately, but which are however more substantial.

And we are moving towards Lean 4.0 at LÊS. It is necessary and above all it is inevitable. From my experience, it empowers the team, transmits security and pride of belonging.

With the installation of Lean, and now the transition to LÊS, again with Nexo Ingenieria Informatica and Progressa Lean giving us support, we will increase productivity and reduce production costs.

And to highlight some points about what we are going to work on:

Process digitalization: we centralize problems and action plans

The communication system, immediate and without waste

Improving monitoring routines

Access to all information in real time and without excuses

And what is the key to the outcome of a change in Lean methodology:

Training and partners

Don’t think you can learn Lean in 5 days

Let there be no ostentation

That it is not seen or perceived as the inquisition

That the indicators are understood from the point of view of improvement, not as an accusation

And fundamental: smile



Happiness is an attitude

Happiness is an attitude

January, 2022

What to say on such a special day?

After a very complicated year, due to the illness, all the problems of logistics, transport, energy costs, the fear of what is happening in the world and the uncertainty, I want to let you know that the company is doing well. ITV Ice Makers is solid.

We have orders and the possibility to grow and continue to be everyone’s home, ours and our families’.

And there are two messages I want to convey to you this Christmas 2021:

First, I want to thank you for the flexibility you are showing in adapting to so many changes. In production, in the commercial team, in the purchasing team, in engineering, everyone’s effort for quality, 360º customer service, finance… a job well done that is giving results.

And second, I want you to be happy. But what does it mean that I want you to be happy?

Wishing for happiness without anything more is nonsense. Life is a backwards count, things happen to us, illnesses, accidents, everything, but what I want you to understand is the attitude. I want us to reflect on the positive side of everything that happens to us, including the stupidity of saying that I had a career…

And we can learn from this, we can manage the attitude we have in the face of these challenges that arise. We have colleagues who have gone through super hard times for the family, for your own health, for illness, economic problems, and it is the attitude that makes us happy.

You will not be happy like a magical utopia, like a sterile desire.

What I want is for whenever you have a problem, to see the positive side, to deal with it, and to have the attitude of getting up and moving forward, this year and all of our lives.

And finally, we are here because of the effort and work of each and every one of us, so be grateful, to yourselves, to your families, friends, because we are all what made ITV Ice Makers possible.

And having said that, the message is: BE HAPPY. Together we have created a very solid company because we are an exceptional team, with a present and future of growth and expansion.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


March 2021

March 2021

Through the terrible Castilian steppe,
to exile, with twelve of his own
-dust, sweat and iron- the Cid rides.

Good morning,

This summer I wanted to start by talking about a movie, an inspiring one, a soldier, and now I return to quote a soldier, a brave man, El Cid, quoting some verses from the poet Antonio Machado.

He has many readings, but I want us to stay with the positive part, nothing stops him, no matter the vicissitudes, no matter how hard the exile is, they are a team, their own.

The situation is what it is, do not fool yourself, hospitality and tourism are going through a very critical situation throughout the world, and especially in Spain due to our dependence on these sectors.

This crisis has an aspect that is difficult to manage, uncertainty, not knowing what, when and how, and this can weaken us and make wrong decisions.

I want to convey to you that I have the firm confidence that ITV Ice Makers will come out of this (what I don’t even know what to call it), fighting, with some injuries, but we will get out, we have worked hard and created a solid company that is now weathering the storm.

Our challenge is to be prepared, quality, range, adjustment of times, prices and product improvement, in this way ITV will return to the path of growth, there are many projects underway, the world has only slowed down, not stopped, and we work on new agreements with hospitality chains and supermarkets so as not to stop, we fight step by step.

Globalization has led us to a more complex and interconnected world, and we must be attentive to seek and find all opportunities, and we are all in this, sales, purchasing, manufacturing, quality, laboratory, mkt, security, logistics, service, customer service, finance, development, lean, if something fails, we all fail, and every grain of sand we do every day helps the entire company.

Thank you VERY MUCH and we will tell you what there is and what we achieved TOGETHER.

March 2020

March 2020

Good morning

We begin a new week in this stage of global health crisis due to Covid-19 that is hitting us, significantly in human lives, and that has changed our daily routines, personally and professionally.

At ITV Ice Makers, in this period of uncertainty, we continue to put the people who make up our entire team and their families first. We have all changed our work routines. The official news from the health authorities also tells us that we – as a society – have very complicated days ahead of us. Therefore, at this time, we must be responsible and maintain the same level of security, both here and in our homes.

Regarding the business, in recent days we have been coordinated to give the best response to our clients in each of the ongoing projects. We have overcome the challenge of working remotely continuously and in the face of an extraordinary situation like the one we are experiencing, with extra dedication and professionalism. Thank you all very much for your contribution of value to this teamwork.

Nor do I want to hide from you that we have uncertain days ahead of us.

Our goal is to maintain the level of service and quality that differentiates us, and all teams are coordinated to achieve this.

With the effort and involvement of the entire ITV Ice Makers team, we will win this battle together and we will all emerge stronger, as individuals, as a society and as an organization.

Cheer up and go for it!


Strength and honor

Strength and honor

August, 2020

We start 2020 with high hopes and a growth projection based on the pillars of quality, sustainability and teamwork.

We had professional, personal and family projects.

And suddenly everything changed.

We are not owners of our future, but we can be prepared for any adversity, and that is what has happened to us, the solidity and responsibility with which we have directed ITV has meant that we have and are fighting every day to continue being a benchmark in the world of ice production machines, a great company, inside and out.

What does the future hold? Of course it is uncertain, changing, and unknown, but we work hard, we build defenses, and we arm ourselves.

Let’s have a positive attitude, because we are fighting, we continue in the market, responding to all clients, preparing offers, looking for opportunities, we can only congratulate ourselves for how well we are all doing in all areas of the company.
I like to think that immaterial gifts are more important than material ones, and now more than ever I confirm this.

We are back, September is here, and we are going to continue with our measures and controls, not letting our guard down, and we also need your help and commitment, don’t let it down either.

Again, thank you all for the effort you are making and the effort we are going to have to make, this is not over, but we are very good!!!

For those of you who have seen Gladiator, I don’t have to explain the subject of the message, and for those who haven’t, I recommend the first fifteen minutes, it’s worth it.

We are in this together and nothing and no one is going to stop us!


Our effort. Our team.

Our effort. Our team.

November, 2021

We have made it a habit, we have normalized the enthusiasm and we do not perceive the effort of ITV ICE Makers, our teams and ours.

What do I mean? To sport. At ITV we support children’s, women’s, local sports, and our sports hobbies. We team up with the t-shirts, the stickers, the banners… everything is US.

Once again, I invite you to enjoy the possibility and opportunity that ITV gives us to play sports. The level or type of activity does not matter. I encourage you to go running, cycling, swimming, fishing, playing soccer, going to the gym… alone or in teams, 100% or with a specific goal, and above all, to SHARE IT.

I review the photographs in the company album and I am happy. I identify with all of us (there are fewer of us!), and the truth is, I love seeing them.

This effort we make is also reflected in the day-to-day life of the company: the value of improving ourselves every day, of facing new challenges, and a job well done.

So let’s continue playing, doing sports with ITV Ice Makers as support and sharing that wonderful experience that is OVERCOME.

Let’s continue to be part of the ICE FOR LIFE spirit.