The Equality Act, passed in March 2007, is an important reason for implementing equality in the company. The purpose of the Law is to give effect to the right to equal treatment and opportunities between women and men, in particular by eliminating discrimination against women, whatever their circumstances or status, in any sphere of life, especially in the political, civil, labor, economic, social and cultural spheres. In the labor sphere, it proposes actions to favor women’s access to and promotion in employment, and to improve the balance between work and personal life.

The application of this law is the perfect framework to reflect on and analyze the Human Resources policies developed in the company: weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities, and to implement measures to achieve broader objectives and a positive impact on all areas of ITV ICE Makers.
Based on the above and beyond the legal requirement, in ITV Ice Makers we have approved this Equality Plan from the conviction that non-discrimination, equality and reconciliation of family, work and personal life, allow us to value and optimize the potential and possibilities of all human capital of the company and improve their quality of life, which helps to increase productivity and attract, retain and motivate the team members, increasing, consequently, their satisfaction within the company.

From this conviction, the ITV Ice Makers Equality Plan has been conceived to be the framework for action and the tool to promote equal treatment and opportunities. All this based on the following grounds:

The quality of jobs and a good working environment are key elements in attracting and retaining employees. This is why the prevention of sexist and discriminatory practices has become one of the elements to be considered in the HR policies of ITV Ice Makers.

The adoption of equal opportunity policies is a way of optimizing human resources. An efficient Human Resources policy is one that knows how to make full use of the potential of its staff. Failure to take advantage of a person’s skills for reasons unrelated to the needs of the work to be performed represents an unjustifiable loss of human capital in business terms. 

The company’s commitment to equal opportunities generates a better working environment. The implementation of equality policies facilitates a healthier work environment and greater involvement at work, which in turn leads to higher productivity.

The role that the Equality Plan will play as an instrument for the promotion and planning of the equality policy within the company will be of great importance. The existence of a reference framework that establishes the objectives to be fulfilled and the actions to be developed by all the areas involved allows us to establish what we want to achieve and how to achieve it.

The ITV Ice Makers Equality Plan goes beyond compliance with legal regulations, being framed within the Social Responsibility of the Company, our People On Ice philosophy, creating the necessary conditions to ensure and enforce the principle of equality and enhance the essential basis for establishing relationships based on equity, respect and co-responsibility.


The objective that ITV Ice Makers aims to achieve is equal treatment and opportunities between women and men that involves our entire team.
We understand the Equality Plan as the framework where both the commitment and the operational lines that allow progress in gender equality are established. As such, the objective is for the Plan to be a realistic and concrete work guide.

Specific objectives

  • Applying the principle of effective equality between men and women.
  • Reducing imbalances in terms of team participation in decision-making and management bodies at all levels of ITV Ice Makers.
  • Avoiding the use of sexist communications, without forgetting that the message must take precedence; the tone over the form.
  • Disseminating, raising awareness and training the organization in matters of equality between men and women.


This Equality Plan is intended for the entire staff of ITV Ice Makers and affects all persons who have a contractual relationship with ITV Ice Makers either as employees of the entity or as stakeholders with whom we relate.


The development and implementation of the Equal Opportunity Plan for men and women of ITV Ice Makers is part of the values and culture of the company and therefore its validity is indefinite.


The Equality Plan is established as a consequence of our commitment, in which we define as a basis the pursuit of high levels of satisfaction of our stakeholders: workers, clients, suppliers and institutions, and we seek as a fundamental objective to be recognized as an entity that works for the improvement of working conditions.


Report it through the following form and our equality committee will contact you as soon as possible.
The information will be treated with complete confidentiality, for the sole purpose of helping you.

Do you have any question?

You can get information through the guide for the prevention of sexual harassment, harassment based on gender and psychological harassment. We also indicate, in the action protocol, which steps you should follow to report or inform the Equality Committee of your situation.

In the event of any situation of harassment, get informed and take action.