The quasar range celebrates its 30th anniversary

There are technologies that stand the test of time. Such as the Quasar range, the ITV-Ice Makers machines that produce 20 ice cubes with a system of paddles and electromechanical control that makes electronics and water filters superfluous.

Quasar has been around for 30 years without losing any productivity, safety and sustainability. The first 100% electromechanical machine on the market is highly valued by our customers because it is easy to install and maintain; the absence of electronics makes it easy to maintain, and it is designed to make ice in the most adverse water quality conditions and in the most unsuitable locations.

But there’s more: Quasar machines are tropicalised, i.e. they operate without problems in countries with very high average temperatures. And thanks to the absence of thermostats, they also work at very low temperatures, so they can be stopped mechanically because the storage tank is full.
As with so many other things in life, simple solutions are always preferable. But simple is not the same as easy: behind the Quasar machines there is constant research, accredited with four ITV-Ice Makers’ own patents in this range alone, and three decades of experience in their manufacture and maintenance, with improvements in performance, sustainability and aesthetics implemented in recent years.

In these thirty years the Quasar range continues to demonstrate that good technology has no age… or programmed obsolescence.

June 19, 2024
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