«The future is ecological». Interview with Borja Gallego at HIP 2019
El futuro es ecológico. Entrevista hip 2019

ITV Ice Makers participated in the latest edition of HIP2019 – Horeca Professional Expo Machines, held recently in Madrid. There he presented his ice machines and dispensers, as the only national manufacturer and exporting to the main countries of the world.

In an interview with the HIP Channel, Borja Gallego Giménez, Iberia Sales Manager at ITV Ice Makers, highlighted the technological innovations that “show that we are an environmentally conscious company”. In fact, the CEO of ITV, Cristina Cordón, gave a conference on this issue at the event. “Our new machines -said Gallego- have more environmentally friendly gases”.

Of the wide range of machines that ITV presented at the event, Gallego highlights “the IQN 300, which manufactures ice cubes in the form of nuggets, highly recommended for cocktail. Kitchen Ice, for its part, was awarded for its Innovation at the last edition of Host, in Milan. All of them -even the most productive ones like those destined to fast-food- already use the new ecological gases”.

On the future of the market, Borja Gallego points out “the exponential growth of franchises, which are reducing the medium-high segment of establishments. At the other end, it is also detected a greater activity of customers engaged in haute cuisine”.

July 14, 2024
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