Thank you for visiting us at ALIMENTARIA LISBOA 2017

Once again ITV has participated in the Alimentaria & Horexpo 2017 fair held in Lisbon from 4 to 6 June, where it has presented the innovations in ice machines for this 2017. Thus, from ITV we want to thank both the fair and all attendees who have visited our stand.

ITV offers products both for the hospitality market and for hotel chains and supermarkets. This year, at Alimentaria & Horexpo ITV has presented the new IQN machine for ice making Nuggets, perfect for cocktails and combined. Its degree of moisture as well as its compact texture allow to keep drinks cold for longer.

It has also unveiled the Ice Queen 550 range, ideal for producing chopped or granular ice for fishmongers or exhibitions of seafood, fruits, etc. This machine has been accompanied by the new silo SCD400 with two trolleys, which allows to optimize the space in store and improve the distribution of ice in hospitality and food.

On the other hand, ITV has presented the SPIKA 220, a machine that allows to produce large quantities of ice in a short time, aimed especially at fast food chains.

In addition, the QUASAR 50A machine has been exhibited to produce finger-shaped cubes, an all-rounder capable of operating in the most adverse conditions. Together with this, we have presented the DELTA 45 A and ORION 30A ranges, ideal for producing durable ice and aimed especially at premium drinks.

During these days at the fair, ITV has also unveiled its new line of showcases for sushi, adapting to new trends in hospitality and restoration.

ITV-Ice Makers is a world-leading European ice machine manufacturer that sells its products almost worldwide. Since 1982 it has developed its own production techniques and technology, which have resulted in numerous patents and utility models. Currently its production is present worldwide, with a real market in more than 100 countries and has subsidiaries in France, the United States and an exclusive commercial delegation in Portugal.

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February 29, 2024
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