We are a work of art

December, 2017

Thank you very much for being here, for being part of ITV Ice Makers.

We live surrounded by beauty: within our family life, in the company of good friends, in the enjoyment of so many works of art such as books, painting, music, cinema… but also at work. And of course in our company.

Thomas Aquinas wrote that beauty is the proper proportion of things. For example, a cake is not better because it contains more sugar, but rather because it has the right proportion.
Work, he said, can also be more or less beautiful; It depends, like a cake, on what we put in it.

We are all aware that we work not only for money; or just because we like our task; or just for good company; or just for the satisfaction of a job well done…which we have surely felt more than once.
We work and we want to work for each and every one of those things, and to the extent that they are all present every day, the work will be beautiful.
And we can say about him, like a good cake: I like it.

Beautiful women and men are also beautiful because of their work; because they have managed to make this daily third of life enrich them, beautify them.
I am not talking, as you have already guessed, about aesthetics, about superficial beauty subject to fashion, beauty is something deeper and more complex.

When we listen to Maria Kosenkova we all know, even if we are not aware, that behind that voice, that harmony, that talent there is not a hidden genius, nor a mysterious spell, but rather many hours of work, of trials, of errors, of successes, joys and also tears. From people she has learned from, and continues to learn, and others she will have taught.

I would like to believe that ITV has also taught us something, but let you know, and I am sure of this, that I have learned from you.
For that I thank you; because you make my daily journey a beautiful experience.

I’m not going to compare Maria’s art to our ice machines.
But I am going to do it with what is behind our machines: the effort of everyone, the talent, the search for perfection, solidarity and sincerity, teamwork, the humility to not get discouraged, the courage to innovate…

You are, we are, a work of art, thank you very much

Javier & Cristina

February 29, 2024