Our effort. Our team.

November, 2021

We have made it a habit, we have normalized the enthusiasm and we do not perceive the effort of ITV ICE Makers, our teams and ours.

What do I mean? To sport. At ITV we support children’s, women’s, local sports, and our sports hobbies. We team up with the t-shirts, the stickers, the banners… everything is US.

Once again, I invite you to enjoy the possibility and opportunity that ITV gives us to play sports. The level or type of activity does not matter. I encourage you to go running, cycling, swimming, fishing, playing soccer, going to the gym… alone or in teams, 100% or with a specific goal, and above all, to SHARE IT.

I review the photographs in the company album and I am happy. I identify with all of us (there are fewer of us!), and the truth is, I love seeing them.

This effort we make is also reflected in the day-to-day life of the company: the value of improving ourselves every day, of facing new challenges, and a job well done.

So let’s continue playing, doing sports with ITV Ice Makers as support and sharing that wonderful experience that is OVERCOME.

Let’s continue to be part of the ICE FOR LIFE spirit.


April 17, 2024