March 2021

Through the terrible Castilian steppe,
to exile, with twelve of his own
-dust, sweat and iron- the Cid rides.

Good morning,

This summer I wanted to start by talking about a movie, an inspiring one, a soldier, and now I return to quote a soldier, a brave man, El Cid, quoting some verses from the poet Antonio Machado.

He has many readings, but I want us to stay with the positive part, nothing stops him, no matter the vicissitudes, no matter how hard the exile is, they are a team, their own.

The situation is what it is, do not fool yourself, hospitality and tourism are going through a very critical situation throughout the world, and especially in Spain due to our dependence on these sectors.

This crisis has an aspect that is difficult to manage, uncertainty, not knowing what, when and how, and this can weaken us and make wrong decisions.

I want to convey to you that I have the firm confidence that ITV Ice Makers will come out of this (what I don’t even know what to call it), fighting, with some injuries, but we will get out, we have worked hard and created a solid company that is now weathering the storm.

Our challenge is to be prepared, quality, range, adjustment of times, prices and product improvement, in this way ITV will return to the path of growth, there are many projects underway, the world has only slowed down, not stopped, and we work on new agreements with hospitality chains and supermarkets so as not to stop, we fight step by step.

Globalization has led us to a more complex and interconnected world, and we must be attentive to seek and find all opportunities, and we are all in this, sales, purchasing, manufacturing, quality, laboratory, mkt, security, logistics, service, customer service, finance, development, lean, if something fails, we all fail, and every grain of sand we do every day helps the entire company.

Thank you VERY MUCH and we will tell you what there is and what we achieved TOGETHER.

May 19, 2024