March 2020
fábrica almacén

Good morning

We begin a new week in this stage of global health crisis due to Covid-19 that is hitting us, significantly in human lives, and that has changed our daily routines, personally and professionally.

At ITV Ice Makers, in this period of uncertainty, we continue to put the people who make up our entire team and their families first. We have all changed our work routines. The official news from the health authorities also tells us that we – as a society – have very complicated days ahead of us. Therefore, at this time, we must be responsible and maintain the same level of security, both here and in our homes.

Regarding the business, in recent days we have been coordinated to give the best response to our clients in each of the ongoing projects. We have overcome the challenge of working remotely continuously and in the face of an extraordinary situation like the one we are experiencing, with extra dedication and professionalism. Thank you all very much for your contribution of value to this teamwork.

Nor do I want to hide from you that we have uncertain days ahead of us.

Our goal is to maintain the level of service and quality that differentiates us, and all teams are coordinated to achieve this.

With the effort and involvement of the entire ITV Ice Makers team, we will win this battle together and we will all emerge stronger, as individuals, as a society and as an organization.

Cheer up and go for it!


April 19, 2024