ITV’s youngest members take part in the first Christmas postcard competition

This year we wanted to give free rein to the creativity and artistic expression of the youngest members of the ITV family. That’s why we organised the 1st Children’s Christmas Card Competition.

The decision to choose the winning postcard was very difficult. The jury was made up of 6 people from Nexo and ITV who judged each of the drawings. Finally, we would like to announce that the winning drawing of ITV 2021 was that of:

Vicente Recatalà (6 years old).

We would like to thank everyone for their participation and collaboration in this action that brings the whole team even closer together. All the little artists will receive a prize just for participating and the winner will receive a special prize.

In addition, all the drawings are displayed on the Christmas tree at the entrance to ITV Ice Makers.


February 24, 2024
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