ITV with key sectors

According to the decree approved on Sunday by the Government, which only allows face-to-face work in those companies that perform essential tasks for the Covid-crisis19, ITV-Ice Makers will remain open and at full throughput as an ESSENTIAL SERVICE INDUSTRIAL ACTIVITY.
We continue to work, as we did in the last two weeks, to serve the many customers whose products or services are considered essential and their essential suppliers. These sensitive sectors for which ITV-Ice Makers works are supermarkets, hospitals, laboratories, meat industries, bakeries and food processors.
The production and logistics processes of the company are 100% operational, complying rigorously with all necessary preventive measures to ensure the safety of all ITV Ice Makers equipment: hygiene, spaces, distances and constant disinfection.
The entire commercial department and part of Engineering, meanwhile, continue to do their tasks by teleworking to ensure the same speed of response as hitherto.
Finally, I would like to reiterate the commitment, involvement and responsibility that the entire team of ITV ICE MAKERS is demonstrating to continue providing after-sales services, spare parts, consultations and delivery of materials for the duration of this situation.
Thank you very much for your help.
Below you can download the ice application catalogs for each sector:




July 14, 2024
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