ITV receives award for best innovative project for the new delta max

ITV Ice Makers has received the award for Best Innovative Project at the Innovation Club of the Valencian Community Awards held during the Innovation Night. ITV received the award for the development of the Delta Max combined with the change of refrigerant to R290.

This new range of Delta Max machines that ITV has launched on the market produces a new gourmet cube that is solid and crystalline, with a more modern design that is totally different from the rest of the cubes on the market. It also stands out for its large 40g size, adapting to the current demand in the hotel and catering market.

The DELTA MAX range incorporates a new refrigeration system with R290 gas, which improves the efficiency of the machine and has a front IN-OUT ventilation system that allows for recessed installation.

ITV Ice Makers was committed from the beginning, almost forty years ago, to developing its own technology and new challenges only confirm how right it was to adopt this business philosophy. It is precisely because of this ability to adapt in the face of incessant technological and market changes that I believe we can look to the future with hope and respond appropriately to new challenges.

Juan Carlos Sanz, Managing Director of ITV Ice Makers, with the award for Best Innovative Project.

CICV Innovation Awards

The objectives of the Innovation Awards are to help participating companies and organisations to make innovation an essential element of their strategy and management, to encourage innovation to be approached according to structured models and systems that help to improve competitiveness and to serve as an instrument of prestige and recognition for the Innovation Club itself.

The Club, founded in 1992, has sixty members, and its mission is to contribute to the improvement of the competitiveness of its members, through the learning of good practices in innovation and management, with the events and activities it organises. The vision is to become a benchmark in innovation management.

Cristina Cordón, President of ITV Ice Makers collected the award.

July 14, 2024
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