ITV machines in the craziest laboratory in madrid
itv en guru lab

«The magic zone» is like Diego Cabrera, one of the best bartenders in the world, calling his new cocktail bar Guru Lab in Madrid. This is not a new cocktail bar, but a place to explore, learn and experience. From this original laboratory without limits liquid dishes and solid cocktails, any experience around gastronomy and cocktails that we can not even imagine.

`This place is open to private events, workshops, master class, thematic dinners, howcookings, sensory experiences among many other activities that will be revealed throughout the year. In addition, this laboratory also has a pedagogical aspect, designed for R&D&I.

Guru Lab is a space for development and innovation, it is fundamental to have good ice, keep in mind that we use it both for cocktails and for cooking. In Guru Lab we give many courses, talks and we also receive great international characters, therefore, everything must be of the highest quality and the ice of the ITV machines is».

Diego Cabrera, has relied on ITV Ice Makers machines, specifically the Delta Max cube, the Super Star cube and our crushed ice Ice Queen to inspire new cocktails and dining experiences that will be forged this experimental space, where creativity and originality will be the main course. «I have been working with ITV for several years. I still choose them for the quality of the ice, fidelity and also for being a national brand».

July 14, 2024
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