ITV ICE MAKERS helps to transform education in UKUNDA, KENYA

ITV Ice Makers has financially supported a project in Ukunda, Kenya, which includes the construction of classrooms and the donation of food to a local school. This initiative has had a positive impact on the community by improving learning conditions for students through the construction of new classrooms and addressing food insecurity through a generous donation of food.
The town of Ukunda, located on the Kenyan coast, has faced economic and educational challenges that have directly affected the quality of life of its inhabitants and especially its youth. ITV Ice Makers, with a clear vision of its role as an agent of positive change, decided to act and contribute significantly to improving the education and nutritional well-being of the children and youth of this community.
The construction of additional classrooms has been a key element of the project, providing students with a more suitable and comfortable learning environment. Prior to this collaboration, the school struggled to accommodate all its students in limited spaces, which affected their concentration and limited their learning potential. Thanks to this project, better equipped classrooms have been erected, opening up new opportunities for a brighter future.

February 23, 2024
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