ITV ICE MAKERS automates and optimises its packaging with sustainable technology

ITV Ice Makers fully automates its logistics process with a state-of-the-art packaging line from Innova Group Packaging Solutions. ITV has chosen the innovative Stretch Hood packaging technology to optimise and unify its packaging process and opt for a more environmentally sustainable system.

The main packaging challenge posed by ITV was to automate and homogenise the final packaging, with more than 30 formats of equipment. One of the objectives was to find a single packaging system that could adapt to all its multi-formats and allow it to reduce both manual input and the consumables used in packaging.

The solution presented was a Stretch Hood sleeving system in combination with a specialised “super stretch” technical film to suit its various load and pallet sizes. In this way, ITV has been able to considerably reduce the cardboard wrapping used, leaving only edge protection and top protection, and eliminating strapping and other extra packaging bags in most of its formats.

The project has optimised the packaging process, reduced consumables and improved product presentation. This project not only highlights efficiency, but also ITV’s commitment to sustainability and product quality, setting an example in the industry.

June 19, 2024
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