ITV Ice Makers at Host Milan 2019

The best ice machines for a rapidly evolving market.

More than 2,200 exhibitors and nearly 200,000 visitors from 80 countries. Virtually the entire hospitality and catering industry and services were represented at the two-year HostMilano 2019. And almost all of them with a common need: ice. That is why ITV-Ice Makers has not stopped increasing its presence in the main world fair of the sector and its machines have aroused more interest than ever.

HostMilano 2019 has demonstrated the leadership of ITV Ice Makers in the ice industry in Europe and the recognition of its products by customers from around the world. But participating in a fair of this size is not improvised. Offering quality, profitable and safe products can only be the result of the effort and talent invested over many years. The success of ITV Ice Makers at the Milan fair is the logical consequence of the commitment of a cohesive team of prepared, restless and committed people with a job well done.

In the stands of the company in Milan, the fruit of incessant research to innovate in technology, a culture of customer service and constant concern for quality in all areas and processes was exhibited, beyond machines. And all with the aim of offering cost-effective, safe, sustainable and suitable ice machines for all types of business and uses. The proof of success, however, is not ITV Ice Makers, it is outside. They are the thousands of satisfied customers who check every day the quality of the ice, the productivity of the machines, the advantages of a 100% own technology and an agile and careful after-sales service.

The hospitality sector continues to evolve and in Milan we have met and discussed new trends and developments. The market is increasingly segmented and consumer culture is changing at a frenetic pace. At ITV Ice Makers we know these changes and are not afraid. Quite the contrary. Facing the profound transformation of the industry and the market is a powerful incentive to continue manufacturing the best ice machines.

Thank you all for visiting us one more year at HOST MILAN 2019:

February 23, 2024
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