ITV finalist of the Hostelco Awards 2016
premios hostelco máquina de hielo

The “Kitchen Ice” machine from ITV Ice Makers has been a finalist in the “Hostelco Awards” in the category of best product design.
The awards, given by Fira Barcelona within the framework of the Hostelco 2016 fair, have rewarded the originality of the product, as well as its innovative design.
The “Kitchen Ice” by ITV Ice makers is undoubtedly a success at the forefront of design. It is a built-in ice machine that is easy to use and handle and, thanks to its innovative aesthetic, integrates harmoniously into the space in which it is located.Small in size and low in consumption, has its own condensation system and specific electronics and is capable of producing 10kg of ice per day. One of its main values is energy efficiency, with low consumption and high performance.
It has a size comparable to that of household appliances and its design has taken into account easy cleaning and saving space in any location.
It is a perfect fusion of product functionality and sophisticated design.
The ideal location for this machine is the suite of any hotel or a kitchen of a person who appreciates the quality and design in appliances.

June 19, 2024
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