ITV comes to the TBTC vacuum cooking school

ITV Ice Maker ice machines are already present in the TBTC Vacuum Cooking School run by Tony Botella.

Ice is essential for preparations made in vacuum bags, as they have to go through a process of rapid lowering of the temperature. The natural system, and the most recommended, consists of filling a scoop with water and ice and introducing the bags to reach a temperature of between 3 and 8ºC in a short time and then passing to the storage chamber with sanitary guarantees, having carried out the correct hygienic process.

TBTC offers training to professionals or students of the hotel and catering industry. They have unique facilities run by professionals designed exclusively to develop the vacuum cooking courses with all the guarantees of satisfaction. With the experience accumulated since its opening in 2005, Tony Botella has redesigned its training plan according to the requests that all the chefs and cooks who have enjoyed TBTC over the years have asked for.

The school is located on a farm in the town of Badalona in Barcelona, specifically in Canyet, far from the city centre and surrounded by nature.

February 24, 2024
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