ITV collaborates with the cocktail school house of mixology
house of mixology

ITV Ice Maker ice machines are already present at the House of Mixology cocktail school in Madrid, directed by Luis Inchaurraga.
Having an ice machine is essential in cocktail making, as it allows cocktails to be presented with quality crystallised ice that will make the cocktails more attractive and improve their flavour. On the other hand, the bartender will have the peace of mind and security of always having ice available for his customers.

House of Mixology is already enjoying the advantages of having an ice machine in its facilities at the service of all its students, which we hope will help them to enhance the flavour and quality of their creations.

House of Mixology is characterised for being the only bar school with a real training programme, positioned as one of the best cocktail schools in Spain.

The success of its training programmes is due to several factors: on the one hand, it uses a direct, practical learning method, applicable to any level of knowledge. On the other hand, the courses have a maximum of 5 students per group, so the teaching is personalised and very close. In addition, the workspace is a real bar, which allows you to put yourself in a real situation and learn directly how bartending takes place in the workplace.

February 24, 2024
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