Happiness is an attitude

January, 2022

What to say on such a special day?

After a very complicated year, due to the illness, all the problems of logistics, transport, energy costs, the fear of what is happening in the world and the uncertainty, I want to let you know that the company is doing well. ITV Ice Makers is solid.

We have orders and the possibility to grow and continue to be everyone’s home, ours and our families’.

And there are two messages I want to convey to you this Christmas 2021:

First, I want to thank you for the flexibility you are showing in adapting to so many changes. In production, in the commercial team, in the purchasing team, in engineering, everyone’s effort for quality, 360º customer service, finance… a job well done that is giving results.

And second, I want you to be happy. But what does it mean that I want you to be happy?

Wishing for happiness without anything more is nonsense. Life is a backwards count, things happen to us, illnesses, accidents, everything, but what I want you to understand is the attitude. I want us to reflect on the positive side of everything that happens to us, including the stupidity of saying that I had a career…

And we can learn from this, we can manage the attitude we have in the face of these challenges that arise. We have colleagues who have gone through super hard times for the family, for your own health, for illness, economic problems, and it is the attitude that makes us happy.

You will not be happy like a magical utopia, like a sterile desire.

What I want is for whenever you have a problem, to see the positive side, to deal with it, and to have the attitude of getting up and moving forward, this year and all of our lives.

And finally, we are here because of the effort and work of each and every one of us, so be grateful, to yourselves, to your families, friends, because we are all what made ITV Ice Makers possible.

And having said that, the message is: BE HAPPY. Together we have created a very solid company because we are an exceptional team, with a present and future of growth and expansion.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


April 13, 2024