Strength and honor
fuerza & honor

August, 2020

We start 2020 with high hopes and a growth projection based on the pillars of quality, sustainability and teamwork.

We had professional, personal and family projects.

And suddenly everything changed.

We are not owners of our future, but we can be prepared for any adversity, and that is what has happened to us, the solidity and responsibility with which we have directed ITV has meant that we have and are fighting every day to continue being a benchmark in the world of ice production machines, a great company, inside and out.

What does the future hold? Of course it is uncertain, changing, and unknown, but we work hard, we build defenses, and we arm ourselves.

Let’s have a positive attitude, because we are fighting, we continue in the market, responding to all clients, preparing offers, looking for opportunities, we can only congratulate ourselves for how well we are all doing in all areas of the company.
I like to think that immaterial gifts are more important than material ones, and now more than ever I confirm this.

We are back, September is here, and we are going to continue with our measures and controls, not letting our guard down, and we also need your help and commitment, don’t let it down either.

Again, thank you all for the effort you are making and the effort we are going to have to make, this is not over, but we are very good!!!

For those of you who have seen Gladiator, I don’t have to explain the subject of the message, and for those who haven’t, I recommend the first fifteen minutes, it’s worth it.

We are in this together and nothing and no one is going to stop us!


April 13, 2024