Ecoriba Circular Awards

December, 2023

Good morning,

Yesterday the Ribarroja Town Council awarded us the ECORIBA CIRCULAR award, and it was an honour and a privilege to accept it on behalf of ITV Ice Makers, of all of us. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the jury for recognising our efforts and dedication in this important field.

The circular economy is a philosophy that seeks to transform the way we produce and consume, with the aim of minimising waste and maximising the value of resources. On a planet where natural resources are limited, it is essential to adopt a more sustainable and responsible approach, and companies have an obligation to be part of this change.

At ITV Ice Makers we are working to implement circular economy practices throughout our operations. We have adopted measures to reduce energy and water consumption, implemented efficient recycling systems, actively sought ways to reuse and revalue the materials we use and improved the efficiency of our ice machines.

But this award is not only a recognition of our work, but also a reminder of the importance of the circular economy in today’s context. We live in a world where environmental challenges are increasingly urgent and we must act decisively and collectively.

The ECORIBA CIRCULAR award drives us forward in our commitment to AGENDA 2030. And it inspires us to look for new ways to innovate and collaborate with other actors in society to drive real and lasting change.

I want to thank you all for your dedication and passion in implementing these ways of working. Without your commitment, this award would not be possible.
I would also like to thank customers, suppliers and partners for their support and trust in our work.

Finally, we encourage everyone to join ITV ICE MAKERS on this journey towards a more sustainable economy. Together, we can make a difference and build a better future for generations to come.

Thank you again for this honour and for believing in our work!


June 18, 2024