Dutch vet students visit ITV factory
saxion university en ITV

Thirty students from the Saxion University of Applied Sciences (Enschede, Netherlands) visited the ITV Ice Makers facilities in Valencia on 3 February. At the first stop of their training trip through Spain, the boys and girls of Saxion were able to learn on site about the company’s production chain and the different technologies applied to make the most advanced ice machines.

Students are studying the second year of Technical Bachelor in disciplines such as mechanics, chemical engineering, industrial design or textile materials technology. Their questions demonstrated the rigorous academic nature of the visit: they were interested in the characteristics of the production chain; the Lean method, which ITV has been applying for some years; logistics and production planning; people management; the management project and the company culture.

The students of Enschede, the main industrial city in the East of the Netherlands, were attended in each department by people from ITV, while the general manager of the company, Javier Rivera summed up the company’s history and explained the demanding environmental challenges facing the refrigeration industry.


June 19, 2024
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