Celebrating women’s talent in the industry

The refrigeration industry celebrates a new champion as Charlotte Robinson from the UK clinches the top spot in the second edition of the Women in Cooling video competition, a tribute to the female talent in our industry.

At ITV ICE MAKERS, we deeply value the contribution of women to industrial refrigeration, and it is a source of pride to see Robinson excel on this stage. Her practical problem-solving skills on a compressor not only impressed the judges, but also underlined the importance of technical skills in our field.

The Women in Refrigeration competition is a testament to the growing presence and relevance of women in our industry. These videos not only celebrate the innovative work and dedication of these women, but also serve as an inspiration for future generations of women and men in the industry. At ITV, we are proud to support and promote the “WOMEN ON ICE” theme, recognising the vital role that women play in our industry.

May 19, 2024
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