Having Valencia hospitality machinery in your business is one of the best actions you can take for its prosperity. This action gives the entrepreneur a huge amount of time and money savings.

In addition, you will no longer fear of running out of ice cubes at the worst time, knowing that, with an ice machine by your side, you will just need few minutes to recharge it to the maximum and you will have plenty of ice to last all day.

Valencia hospitality machinery

Among the large number of Valencia hospitality machinery that your business must incorporate, the ice machine should be an essential part. By being able to have ice cubes always, at all hours, you will get an excellent experience for your customers in your place.

In addition, the quality of the ice cubes is excellent, much better than that offered by any supplier of ice in bags. These are transparent, millimetric and with great resistance, which prevents customers’ drinks from getting watered down and their consequent potential bad experience.

The savings, both of time, and of money, are remarkable. The time you spend when looking for an ice supplier and check if this is quality ice or not, is time you can invest to improve your business. The saving of money is also remarkable, although it is a medium-to long-term saving. Having an ice machine among your Valencia hospitality machinery improves business productivity and cost savings in terms of ice cubes.

If you want to know more about the savings of having an ice machine in your business, do not miss this article recently published on the ITV blog.

Types of ice machines, adapted to each business

Something we emphasize about our customer service is the number of options we have available for them. Depending on the type of ice that each one needs, they can opt for an ice machine or another.

If your business needs to keep its products fresh to display them for the public, as usual in the food sector, you will need the ICE QUEEN ice machine. This produces crushed ice, ideal to place under food and keep the cold. If your company is mainly dedicated to the sale of drinks, such as nightclubs, the production of large and quality ice cubes is necessary. For this, we have the PULSAR ice machine, which generates large, perfect and resistant cubes, thus preventing customers from having a bad experience with their drinks.

You have realized? Two different businesses, from even two different sectors, need ice in different formats. For this reason, we decided to create ice machines to be incorporated in the Valencia hospitality machinery of each company, which is a perfect complement that fully meets the needs of both the consumer and the owner of the machine.

Trust a leading company for your next purchase

If you are thinking of adding a complement to your Valencia hospitality machinery, an ice machine is a more than advisable option to give your business a boost.

ITV has more than 35 years of experience as leader of official suppliers of ice machines to a huge number of customers throughout the world.

In addition, our R&D department is constantly researching new technologies to apply to the ice machines of the future, to improve them and offer a more complete service to customers who already trust ITV, as well as to those who are about to join.