In today’s article we will show you a series of data with which we can demonstrate that the use of an ice machine in your store can save you time and, above all, money.

Throughout the year, it is very likely that you spend a huge amount of ice without noticing, so the expenditure of money also rises considerably.

The average consumption of ITV customers is 35 kilos per day, which is € 7 per day. This means that per year is more than € 2,500. Both the recharge of the machine and the maintenance, water and light ice machine is € 509 per year, so the savings of each consumer of an ITV machine is more than € 2,000 per year.

The data is amazing, right?

Now we will tell you about the advantages of having an ice machine in your business that generates ice cubes whenever you need them.

Cubes of excellent quality. The ice cubes that the ITV ice machines generate are millimetric and transparent, which offers an excellent security to your business. With these, we also get that the drinks do not get a strange taste and annoy the user experience.

Immediate availability. No more taking into account if you still have ice bags left or not in your club or restaurant. With the ice machine, you can have ice cubes at any time of the day.

Ice machines of reference in ITV

At ITV we have more than 10 types of ice machines, each of them focused on a business model. Depending on the main activity of your business, you can choose the most appropriate, to achieve that the ice cubes are adapted to their use.

Gamma DELTA. These ice machines are the most used, since the cubes are of normal dimensions and the maintenance is very simple. This is possible thanks to the technology patented by ITV, the elimination of the effects of the lime of the water that it produces day after day in the machine.

Gamma S. STAR and S. STAR PLUS. STAR machines generate large ice cubes, which are used in nightclubs, where the consumption of drinks is high. It has a cleaning switch, which facilitates this action without the need for cold water.

Gamma SPIKA. Range of ice machines that produce small cubes, which cool at high speed. This machine is widely used in fast food establishments.

Gamma QUASAR. One of the ITV off-road ice machines, which has an average life of 18 years. These machines are tropicalized, which means they can withstand extreme temperatures.

Consult our team to choose the ideal ice machine for your business.