Refrigeration in the meat industry is essential for the preservation of products. Our ice machines will allow you to preserve meat in each process, from slaughterhouses and cutting rooms, to transport and conservation.

At ITV we want to explain you the importance of ice machines for the meat industry and present in detail each model that we have to produce flake ice.

Ice machines for the meat industry

Refrigerating or freezing meat makes it possible to prevent meat deterioration as it slows down the growth of bacteria. This process allows us to prolong the conservation of the meat, so that industries can transport the products in the best of conditions for the final customer to consume them.

At ITV ICE MAKERS we are aware of the importance of ice in the meat industry and that is why we have developed 4 models of flake ice machines that are adapted to each type of food industry, and specifically, the meat industry.

Below we present each model in detail.



The scala compact ice machine is a machine designed with the generator and the condensing unit on the same base.

It is very easy to install since you just have to place it in the space and connect it.



The SCALA SPLIT, unlike the compact one, requires connection to a cold centre or a refrigeration unit in order to make ice. In addition, the installer will need a KVP valve, not included in the supply of the generator.



The SCALA REMOTA is supplied with the generator on one base and the condensing unit on a different one for remote connection. The condensing unit is outdoor ready and is supplied pre-charged for a distance of up to 15m.



Split CO2

Like the Scala Split, the Split CO2 requires connection to a cold centre or a refrigeration unit to make ice. The difference with the previous one is that this model is designed with CO2 refrigerant with the aim of offering a more ecological and sustainable alternative.


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At ITV ICE MAKERS we have been manufacturing ice machines for industries for more than 40 years and we are constantly evolving. We adapt to any type of industrial sector offering the best service and the best customer service. We are committed to the environment, and we are up to date with all the latest developments in the sector.

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