Due to the current need of large ice consumers, and the high demand for this product and, therefore, the ice machines, at ITV we have decided to write an article that includes all possible information about of this product so in demand nowadays.

Along with all this, we will also tell you the history of ITV company, from its beginning, when the company has been created, to the current moment ITV is in.

History of ITV Ice Makers, global supplier of ice machines

In 1981 the company was inaugurated. Currently, ITV is considered the leading company and of world prestige in the industrial sector of the hospitality industry and the manufacture of ice machines. Little by little, these machines have been introduced in markets around the world, to the point of having created an international commercial network.

The origin of the company is in the family, with the aim of establishing a lasting relationship with both customers and suppliers, as we believe that this is the way to work and to offer the best possible service in the current market.

Thanks to the research department incorporated in ITV, the ice machines that leave the factory have a lot of new resources, which increase the business production systems, whatever the sector in which the ice machine is installed.

Increasingly, customers demand specific features, which arise depending on their own technological and logistic transformations. It is necessary to maintain a high level of quality in these machines and adapt the production as quickly as possible to the customer, which means being ahead in the competitive market that we have today.

What is an ice machine

The ice machine is a working tool for many customers, especially in the hotel and restaurant sectors. Depending on these requirements, each person who chooses to purchase one of the ITV ice machines will need a type of ice cube or another.

ITV currently has nine ranges of ice machines, all well differentiated by the type of ice cubes they generate. Whether you need a large cube, or a small one with great resistance to heat, or dry ice in frost, we have the right machine to solve your problem.

Benefits of having one in your business

Many people come to ITV with the question of whether acquiring one of our ice machines for their business is a good idea. It is necessary to comment that the vast majority of them usually buys the ice every day before starting the workday.

We, to clarify all these doubts, always make the same affirmations:

  1. Time saving. No more remembering you have to buy ice. No more wasting time before opening your shop to buy ice bags which will allow you to endure the whole day without problems.
  2. Comfort. Having the serenity that you will always have ice cubes available for your customers is something that, in the long run, is appreciated, because you will have the chance to focus on other, more important things to take your business to the top. In addition, having an ITV ice machine does not bother, because they are compact, they adapt to any corner and they do not make annoying noises.
  3. Quality Service. Enjoy a drink with ice, and especially during summer, is a luxury, although a low quality kind of ice can water down any drink. With an ITV ice machine you can have excellent ice cubes which have a much higher resistance than those cubes sold in any supermarket.
  4. Maintenance. The ITV ice machines have a very fast and comfortable maintenance system, through which you can clean and maintain the machine without any problem.

In this recent article of our blog you can check with figures and clear examples the amount of money you can save by purchasing ice machines for your business instead of constantly buying ice bags in large quantities.

Ranges available at ITV Ice Makers

As a leading company in the industrial sector for the manufacturing of these machines, we have the responsibility to offer our customers the widest possible variety of products. For this, we have a wide range, each of them different from the other.

DELTA Range. Medium size cubes ideal for any drink.

PULSAR Range. An ice very similar to that of the DELTA range, but a much more powerful machine with better maintenance.

SUPER STAR and SUPER STAR PLUS Ranges. Large and highly resistant cubes, perfect for bar and pubs, mostly nightclubs, where large quantities of drinks are served.

SPIKA Range. This range of ice machines produces a large number of small and highly resistant cubes. They can be usually seen in fast food places.

GALA Range. Range designed to create the perfect cube. Generates a piece of ice that is served in the vast majority of high quality clubs  in the West.

ALFA Range. It pursues a compromise between the volume and the quantity of pieces of ice. The result of this machine is ice in straight lines, productivity improvement and storage optimization.

QASAR Range. This range of ice machines is made to have an average life of 18 years. The ice can be produced under the most adverse conditions of water quality, even under adverse temperature conditions.

ICE QUEEN Range. This range of ITV products generates crushed and / or granular ice, ideal for the food industry, laboratories and therapeutic treatments.

SCALA Range. If what you are looking for is an ice machine that generates flat, cold and dry flakes, this is your machine. In addition, it generates large amounts of ice as well as having a compact structure.

Moreover, we have other important products for the business of catering and restoration related to ice, such as silos and showcases.

Discover the new additions to the ITV catalogue in our latest blog article.

Maintenance of ITV machines

Thanks to the new technologies offered by the current market, the ITV ice machines have their own maintenance system which, with hardly any effort on the part of the user who owns it, the system can be cleaned with an amazing ease.

When a user acquires one of our machines, the technician who is responsible for installing it offers the user the basic instructions for both the use of the machine and the maintenance mentioned above.

Contact ITV

If you are convinced to acquire an ITV ice machine, it is time to get in touch with our team. You can do it by calling the phone number 96 166 75 75 or you can ask for information by sending an email to info@itv.es.

In both cases, one of our experts will contact you and will advise you on which ice machine your business needs.