Silo SCS 300

At ITV we have noticed the need to store large quantities of ice in complete safety and hygiene, so we have decided to create the Silo SCS 300, which incorporates a cart, ideal to perform such action with less effort.

  • The SCS 300 silo has a capacity to store a maximum of 300 kg, adapted to all types of environments, whether large or small.
  • This new ITV product stands out for its strength and durability, built of stainless steel with high resistance.
  • In addition, the Silo SCS 300 is accompanied by an ergonomic and highly mobile cart, ideal for transporting ice with an amazing ease.

ITV Ice Makers presents the new silo with individual cart – SCS 300 – with a capacity for 300 kg that allows to store, transport and distribute the ice without hardly any physical effort and in complete safety and hygiene. It is a practical and agile solution for all types of environments, both spacious and small.

The SCS 300 silo is completely insulated to distribute ice which is always fresh, thanks to a sealed door system and a drain that allows the melted water to leave the silo, without watering down the ice stored inside it.

The new silo also stands out for its strength and durability. It is constructed of highly resistant stainless steel, with walls lined with polyethylene, resistant to knocks or frictions. In addition, it is designed in one piece and with rounded corners for easy cleaning.

It includes a HELPDOOR door system that allows the user to open and close the door with little effort, thanks to the latest generation shock absorbers designed for it.

The silo is accompanied by an ergonomic and easy to move cart to transport the ice easily. It also has a new drainage system with an opening and closing key that can be easily moved with the foot, avoiding possible problems for users in terms of prevention of occupational risks.

The cart includes an optional basket system to extract the ice easily, for 6 times, eliminating the effort and time involved in removing all the ice with the shovel.

Slim Range

We have seen the need to create a new range of ITV products, the Slim range, a quick, comfortable and efficient solution for restaurants, hotels, resorts and leisure centres.

  • The Slim range integrates the Spika 300 22 “machine with the new DHD 130 Slim dispenser.
  • The SPIKA 300 Slim produces 300 kg per day of ice cubes in the form of dice and half dice.
  • The DHD 130 ice dispenser stores up to 58 kg of ice and offers us the security of having ice at any time.

ITV Ice Makers presents the new SLIM RANGE that integrates the Spika 300 22 “machine with the new DHD 130 Slim dispenser. This range represents an elegant solution, ideal for hotels, resorts and leisure centres.

The SPIKA ice machine manufactures cubes of ice in the form of dice and half dice, able to produce more 300kg of ice per day. It has an highly efficient evaporator, designed to withstand the pace of fast food restaurants. The ice cubes produced by the Spika ice machine allow the drink to cool at full speed (in a matter of seconds) maintaining its flavour.

The Spika Slim is very quiet and has a special switch that allows easy and quick cleaning. In addition, thanks to an intelligent electronic board, it controls the parameters of the machine and shows the diagnosis before possible incidents.

On the other hand, the DHD 130 ice dispenser is the optimal solution if we want to make sure we have ice at all times. The ice is easily released only with a light push, it is silent and highly energy efficient.

The 22 “model stores up to 58 kg of ice and has convenient access to the tank, which allows for easy cleaning without having to move the ice machine. On a technical level, we highlight the fact that it has a steel casing AISI 304 stainless steel and adjustable legs, the lighting is incorporated and the sink depth of 20 cm allows to place any hotel-sized ice cube tray, and it is also available with a cold water source.


ITV-Ice Makers is the first Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture of ice machines. Since 1982, it has developed its own production and technology techniques, which have resulted in numerous patents and utility models. Currently its production is present all over the world, with a real market in more than 100 countries.

It has subsidiaries in France and the United States and with an exclusive commercial delegation in Portugal. ITV has received numerous awards for its quality, safety of production processes and commitment to sustainability.

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