At ITV Ice Makers Ice Makers we have taken a step forward in the ice machine market with the NG 2CUBE, designed to achieve perfectly square cubes with a magazine finish, perfect for liquors, cocktails or drinks of the highest quality.

A perfect cube

In the hospitality industry, it is easy to lose the visual appeal of a product due to small details and imperfections. One of them is ice cubes, which often have uneven shapes and prevent craft cocktails or the finest spirits from looking as good as they could.

Weighing 90 grams and measuring 2″ x 2″, the square cube produced by the NG 2CUBE is distinguished by an eye-catching shape that has been designed with the hospitality industry in mind, so that every drink looks like a movie.

Continuous production and efficiency

The aesthetic qualities of ice are not the only advantage of the NG 2CUBE. At ITV Ice Makers we have made sure of designing a specially functional machine, with a production capacity of 23 kg of ice in 24 hours. In addition, the machine can store up to 20 kg inside.

Longer life span with NG technology

Our new machine incorporates the NG technology equipped with the Anti-Scale Spray system, patented by ITV. Thanks to this, the NG 2CUBE removes scale deposits by means of an elastic vibration that prevents build-up in the evaporator, ensuring consistent performance and a much longer service life.


Easy to operate thanks to electronic control

We have added an electronic control to the NG 2CUBE that allows the machine to adapt to extreme climatic conditions, so that it always performs optimally, no matter where you use it.

To facilitate cleaning, we have incorporated a button that recirculates the water with the descaling product. This makes the machine easier to maintain and ensures that the ice produced is always hygienic and of high quality.

More efficient than ever, without compromising on sustainability

The NG 2CUBE incorporates the new R290 gas cooling system, which improves machine efficiency. It also incorporates a front IN-OUT ventilation system that makes recessed installation possible.

With the idea of facilitating maintenance and even the intervention of a specialist, if necessary, it has a structure of four autonomous columns.

At ITV Ice Makers we have drawn on our more than four decades of experience in the industry to design a machine with proprietary technology that not only improves the performance and efficiency you expect from an ice machine, but also creates premium quality ice cubes that look spectacular.