Water is a substance known and unknown at the same time. We know that it can change form and state, but, above all, we know that in any of its variants, it is the most important element of the planet. At ITV we are experts in water in its solid state. Because ice is one of the elements that most influences life for humans. Do you want to know why?

  • Arctic ice is important because, among other things, it works as the Earth’s air conditioner. It reflects sunlight so it regulates the temperature of the planet.
  • Ice glaciers are also very important for the world, as, though to a lesser extent, they also regulate temperature. They are a great reservoir of fresh water for the world, too. Although 75% of the surface of the planet is water, 97.5% is saltwater and within the remaining 2.5%, 70% is ice and the rest is liquid water. In other words, 1.8% of the Earth’s surface is ice and 0.75% is liquid fresh water.



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