In the world of ice machines, technology is advancing to create an ever faster and more convenient experience. At ITV Ice Makers we have redefined the ice machine standard with the new IQ range. Let us tell you more:

IQ range: innovation in ice machines

Introducing the new IQ range, which includes undercounter and modular ice machines with state-of-the-art electronics. This technology not only represents a monumental leap in the industry, but also guarantees a more controlled and efficient cooling experience.

The new IQ series distinguishes itself from its competitors thanks to the following features:

New Control Display for a better user experience

The latest generation of IQ ice machines features an improved display that simplifies machine startup and shutdown. This is done for safety, but also gives you clear indications of the operating and cleaning status. The new display also has an error indicator so that you can detect and resolve errors right away.

Automatic cleaning within reach

One of the most inconvenient and time-consuming points, the cleaning of the ice machine, has been corrected in this new range. For your convenience, the IQ machines offer a new cleaning button on the front display. With a simple touch you can start the cleaning cycle automatically.

New range IQ

Innovation in the electrical panel

The components are located at the top of the machine, so that a technician can easily access them in case a part needs to be replaced or a repair is necessary. In addition, we have incorporated LED alert signaling so that technical personnel can easily detect possible errors.

Clean crushed ice

We incorporated a new drain solenoid valve to eliminate lime scale build-up on the evaporator start-up. This is done to achieve a flawless result in crushed ice, which is consistently clean and free of impurities.

External data readout for optimum control

The new IQ ice machines are state-of-the-art thanks to their electronics. By means of Modbus connection this range allows you to read data on an external PC. In this way you can consult vital information such as probe temperature, active alarms, gear motor current or a detailed alarm history, all for precise control and efficient management.

In short, from ITV Ice Makers we wanted to put all our experience on the table by developing our own production techniques and technologies to achieve a paradigm shift in ice production technology. Discover the future of ice machines with ITV Ice Makers.