If you are thinking of setting up a bar, restaurant, or you already have it and you want to change those old refrigerated showcases you bought many years ago, at ITV we offer you the best variety of refrigerated showcases for bars on the market, all of them of marvellous quality.

It is important to choose the right one, since products usually require to be conserved at different temperatures and, sometimes, a bad decision we take can spoil part of the product. You must first think about the products that you want to display and, from there, you must choose between our different range of display cases for bars that we have.

For us, the need of the client is always the most important.

What are the refrigerated showcases for bars?

The refrigerated showcases for bars are showcases of food products that have incorporated a refrigeration system to keep the products in good conditions. They are totally necessary in any kind of catering businesses that displays its products outside the kitchen. It can also be used in bakeries, butchers, fishmongers and even in supermarkets.

Requirements of a showcase for bars

  • Temperature control. It is essential that the refrigerated showcase has a temperature control and that, within these parameters, it is at the temperature required by the products that you are going to expose in it. If we do not take this into account, most likely the products will lose their essence or aesthetically pleasant appearance, and as a result we will not be able to sell them. The range in which the temperature of your showcase for your restaurant must be set, it goes from 2 to 8 ºC. All our ITV showcases have a digital thermostat to set the temperature, smoked glass sliding doors, and different ranges of power, 220V/50hz or 115V/60hz, depending on your needs.
  • Cleansing. Another important feature that a refrigerated showcase should have is an easy cleansing. It is important to avoid risks, and with the Easyclean Trays System we have managed to avoid problems like bacteria. This is a system with easy to clean trays, without drains that are not hygienic at all. It also has another automatic frost elimination system, which you can regulate every so often. Last, but not least, we must mention that it has an independent access, so you do not touch the space where the food is exposed.
  • Design and materials. The design is not a determining factor, but it is necessary, since the product will be in sight of the clients. Regarding the materials, at ITV we have finished the exterior part in anodized aluminium in black, silver and gold.
  • Warranty. At ITV we offer the customer 24 months warranty. It is an important aspect, since we guarantee 100% of quality of our products with the best technical service at your disposal. This is the main difference when buying refrigerated showcases for new bars; the second-hand and cheap sooner rather than later will end up giving problems.
  • Advice and service. We have a consulting group which is a pioneer in this sector. It is competent and eager to offer the best solution to what you are looking for, with a high quality service.
  • Technology and sustainability. At the level of a leading company with prestige in the sector, we use the best technology and international development worldwide and, of course, using clean resources and within a line of sustainable development respecting the environment.


As you can see, we have the best refrigerated showcases for bars on the market, which meet all the requirements to be an essential element in your business. Rely on ITV for your next refrigerated showcase and bet on the experience of a leading company in the sector. If you have any questions, you can get more information about the products on the website.