Taking advantage of the reduction of the measures taken due to COVID-19, the hotel and catering industry returns to their usual work.

After this update of the measures, people in many countries are throwing themselves into the bars, restaurants and their corresponding terraces, and for this reason a pretty good summer is expected for the hospitality industry.

One of the things that are most consumed on the terraces of bars and restaurants are cocktails, extremely popular drinks in summer.

Obviously, for the correct preparation of cocktails, it is necessary to have high-quality ice like the one provided by the ITV ice machines.

Before starting to produce the ice cubes, it is important to fine-tune your ice machine, making use of the following recommendations developed by our after-sales team.


Actions to be taken if the ice machine has remained unused for a long time

You can consult the following videos playlist, where we explain in detail everything you must do for each of our ice machines:


The first checks should be:

  • Check that the machine is level.
  • The drain must be connected.
  • The water inlet hose must be connected.

To verify that the drain works correctly, you will need to empty about two litters of water inside the tank where the ice is stored, and make sure that all the water disappears completely.

It is important to check that the filters of the water inlet hose are clean and free of impurities.

Once all of this is done, it is time to put the ice machine into operation.

In order to do so:

  • Connect the machine to the electrical grid
  • Open the tap
  • Plug in the switch machine

It is important to discard the ice produced during the first 10 minutes, as it may not be 100% suitable for consumption.


Cleaning the machine

Clean the tank where the ice is stored with a cloth dampened with water and bleach.

Afterwards, rinse the tank with plenty of water.

This is usually the most common way and the basis for cleaning ITV ice machines. However, hereby we will leave you with some videos on how to clean ice machines that you might find very useful:


NG Range




IQ Range


If you have any questions, you can contact us and we will solve any doubts and problems you may have.