In the world of restoration, it is vital to have excellent equipment in your business. The industrial hospitality machinery of provided by ITV will give you the most effective solutions so that your business can take a leap in quality and you can improve the service offered to your customers.

With the ITV ice machines you will be able to generate ice effortlessly, without worries about running out of ice, at any time and without depending on an external supplier. In addition, once produced, you can store it in the silo that these machines contain until the moment you have to use it, keeping at its ideal temperature so that it does not thaw.

Industrial hospitality machinery

As mentioned above, a business dedicated to catering needs hospitality machinery of high quality, thanks to which you can ensure to be a step above the competition.

We have customers who did not think that a simple ice cube was so important to their customers, because they did not notice the difference. Ice is an essential product in a hospitality business, and you must provide ice which is higher quality than your competition if you want to be on the top. To your customers it is very important that their drinks do not get watered down because this can spoil their drinking experience and they will notice it.

In addition, ice that comes out of an ice machine looks always better than any other kind of ice. It comes out of the machine that is millimetre-perfect, transparent and without flavour, key factors for a unique experience.

In ITV we have an industrial hospitality machine for any business. Within our catalogue, we highlight some of the best-selling models:

Ice machine Gamma PULSAR. This is one of the best ITV machines and, therefore, one of the best sellers. The ice is perfect and also has an automatic cleaning system that removes any type of lime that water can form inside the machine.

Ice machine Gamma SPIKA. An ice machine capable of producing a large number of small and resistant ice cubes in a short time, ideal for fast food businesses.

Ice machine Gamma QUASAR. This is a machine that produces hollow ice cubes, capable of producing ice in very adverse conditions, related to both water and/or external temperature. In addition, this industrial hospitality machinery has an average life of 18 years.

Ice machine Gamma ICE QUEEN. Do you need granulated ice instead of ice cubes? We also have a solution to the demand for this type of ice. The Ice Queen machine generates granulated ice and stores it in its own silo, keeping it at the ideal temperature, waiting to be used. This ice is usual for displaying fresh foods in markets and supermarkets.

Permanent contact with our customers

Once you acquire an ITV product, you will be in touch with our technical service, which will solve all your doubts or problems in reference to your industrial hospitality machinery in the shortest possible time.

If you are thinking about acquiring an industrial ice machine, do not hesitate to contact ITV Ice Tech. If you have doubts about the industrial hospitality machinery you need, do not worry; our experts will analyse your problems and your business to offer you the best solution and tell you which is the gamma of ice machines that you should opt for.

For your new ice machine, you can rely on a company specialized in the industrial sector of catering, with more than 30 years supplying ice machines all over the world.

We are here to help you.