If we talk about ice, and specially, about ice making machines, even if we are talking at industrial level or household level, ITV ice should be your reference brand. Thanks to our shared years of experience in the sector, the constant work of our current team, and the innovations that we make as the market evolves, we have become one of the leading companies in that sector in which we are currently settled.

What has leaded us to be the reference ice company?

The company was created with a clear idea, and it was to satisfy the needs and requirements of the moment, in terms of ice production. Ice is a product undervalued in the accommodation and catering business. The difference between serving a good ice cube and serving a bad one is huge. An ice cube that melts quickly, which goes white just after being put in the glass, which provides a different taste to drinks…it presents a poor image of the product and, at the same time, of the company. Because of that, creating and serving an adequate ice cube is offering a good image to the client. For this purpose ITV was born.

A human and united company

Because ITV is a company with familiar origins, we decide to treat or workers like family. It is important that a company stays united, during the good moments and the bad ones, since it is an excellent way to steer a business to success. ITV ice pretends to be a human and humanizing company, projecting, inviting and integrating employees, clients and providers, since this company wouldn’t be possible without any of those three important parts.

ITV ice machine manufacturing company

Constant research and innovation

Yes, all know that one essential part in any Company is a god selling strategy and good sales representatives. If the Brand does not result in great visibility or does not sell its products to providers or clients directly, it can’t work.

But, in addition to all this, it is necessary to go ahead to the market of demand, stay ahead the requirements of the consumer and be the first ones to offer that product that they start to demand, and that little by little, will became more popular and many companies will also want to sell it.

To avoid this war, and be the first ones in every aspect, we count with a very complete investigation department, which detects and goes ahead to the competence, the requirements of the consumer, and, together with new technologies that are arising, we can create the ideal product for our clients.

ITV research and development

Efficiency and quality in our products

In ITV ice we stand for quality, always. Before our products leave the factory and are commercialized, they receive several quality controls, knowing then that the client will receive an ice machine in good conditions, which provides ice cubes of higher quality than it was expected, and that the machine will work without any problem an average of time of 15 years, or even more.

In ITV, we know that for users with a business of their own, the disbursement for an ice machine is big, but we also know that the client will remain completely satisfy with the quality of his/her ice machine once it is incorporated and used.

Ice Making Ice Machines


If you have any doubt in relation to our ice machines, we recommend you to consult our website or to get in touch with us through any of the several contact options that we provide.

We also want to inform you that ITV ice has a section on our website for incidents with ice machines, which you can use for us to solve your incident as soon as possible.