Every hotel business needs equipment to make ice, and in ITV you can get the best manufacturing machines so that your business always has quality ice, perfect to use and to be served to your customers.

They are the most important part of any hotel business, because without them, you could not get benefits. Because of this, the service you have to show them must be of an unsurpassed quality, better than the competition, from the type of beverages you serve to the quality of these and, although it may not seem like it, ice cubes are an important part of this service.

Equipment for making ice

ITV is the leading company in the hospitality industry related to ice, so by acquiring one of our equipment to make ice, you will achieve taking a leap in quality in your business.

All our equipment is created by and for the customer, attending to their needs and anticipating their future demands, in order to continue being market leaders.

Within our catalogue of equipment to make ice, we have ice machines and silos to store everything that is produced in these.

The ice machines are perfect for catering businesses that need a daily amount of abundant ice, such as nightclubs or fast food with a drinks with ice service.

In ITV Ice Makers we have several models of ice machines, depending on the needs of each client:

  • Ice cubes. Large or small, but always perfect and millimetre. To meet this requirement we have several ice machines, common in bars, restaurants and nightclubs where the sale of glasses is usual. Some of the most supplied machines for this type of needs are:
    • Delta Range. Perfect ice cubes, with a very simple maintenance.
    • Pulsar Range. Robust ice machine, with an excellent anti-cal system.
    • Super Star Range. Big ice cube maker, perfect to give out in stores with high amount of sale of glasses.
    • Spika Range. Small ice cubes, common in the soft drink machines in fast foods.
  • Granular or flake ice. This ice is usually used to maintain products that are displayed for the public at a good temperature. This type of ice is more resistant than any other. The ice machines that generate this type of ice are:
    • Ice Queen Range. Generates crushed or granular ice, ideal to keep products at very cold temperature.
    • Scala Range. Ice in flat flakes of dry ice.
  • Storage of ice cubes, keeping them at an appropriate temperature to prevent them from melting.

ITV, experience proved by our existence for more than 35 years

ITV has equipment to manufacture ice in a large number of countries, both European and South American, since they are the ones that demand more ice.

The idea of ITV is to create a good and lasting relationship between customers and suppliers, seeking the satisfaction of all customers. Our investments in the Research and Development department have served to offer equipment to manufacture excellent ice and seeking the satisfaction of customers, anticipating their demands.

If you are thinking about acquiring new ice making equipment or renewing the current ones, do not hesitate to contact ITV, a reference company in the manufacture and distribution of ice machines.

Contact through our different communication channels and we will offer you the best solutions for your business. You can also contact us for any incident you might have with your ITV product. We will solve your doubt as soon as possible.