One of the most important things to consider when your business is in the hotel industry, is to have a good supply of ice. It may seem trivial, but it is not at all. Whether to preserve food, drinks or cocktails, ice is a must in the restaurant business.

Therefore, it is best to have your own ice, without having to depend on intermediaries or suppliers. In this way, it is certain that the reserves will not be depleted, offering an efficient service to the client and without any dependence on external orders. Besides saving time and money, to have an ice machine for the hotel industry is also affordable.

Ice machine ice for hospitality

The type of machine will depend on the characteristics of the business and its needs, as well as the use that the ice cubes will be needed for.

In addition to be available, the ice must be of the best quality and meet the standards required in this type of product. To do this, and compared to the ice bag, the most appropriate and suggested option for these cases, is the ice machine for the hotel industry of ITV Ice Makers.

There are many advantages that a machine of this type can offer, regardless of the type of the establishment concerned. Hotels, bars, restaurants, pubs…

Ice machines for hospitality ITV

Important aspects of having an Ice Makers for the hotel industry

Absolute immediacy

If something is important in customer service in the hotel industry, it is the speed of the service. The full availability of the raw material in the store is the first precondition of this type of business. When it comes to ice, it is necessary to always have it in stock, to be able to cover in an efficient way any need that might arise. Therefore, relying on an ice machine for the hotel industry with a constant and, in addition, quality production is essential. Our team of development and production works so that our clients receive the best possible service, adapted to each and every one of the existing commercial needs.

Safety and quality

Behind the success of each one of our products, there is great work and dedication. The R&D department of the company, strives to make the results better each time, investing the necessary resources for this. It also invests in the formation of the teams involved, which has led us to be the market leaders. Adapting to new needs and applying the latest technology in terms of safety and quality, make it possible to have a positive, constant and growing evolution. Therefore, if you get an ITV ice machine for the hotel industry, you will be making a safe choice.

Sanitary and hygienic guarantees

ITV Ice Makers complies with all the integrated policies of quality management, environment and food safety. Therefore, our machines comply with the legal aspects in terms of safety, quality and health, being a ‘guarantee bet’. This aspect is generally fundamental, but even more if it refers to the hotel business.

Perfect ice from ITV ice makers

Maintenance and durability

If something is recommended in a business with a lot of daily wear, such as a bar, hotel, pub or spa (for instance) is that the elements with which they have to serve their customers or consumers, are always in optimal conditions. A correct service requires an adequate maintenance protocol. It is essential that each and every one of the components of the devices are durable and high-quality made, guaranteeing a long lifetime, with the least number of problems and breakdowns possible during that time. Whether the ice machine will be for the hotel industry, showcases, fountains, dispensers, grinders … with our products, we ensure this aspect in its entirety.

Quality service

We know how important it is to solve problems as soon as possible in the world of restaurants. ITV Ice Makers has a professional and specialized team that knows perfectly the guidelines to follow so that our consumers feel supported and listened to at all times. Whether by phone, video call or email, any problem or unforeseen event, the service received will be immediate and effective.

Professionals in the sector

Our responsibility is that the work is in line to the needs of both the market and our customers. Therefore, all efforts are focused on improving day by day, to meet present and future expectations. Professionalism and a well performed job have made us a leading and prestigious company in the hotel industry and in the manufacture of ice machines.

Trust the best. Trust ITV Ice Makers to equip your business.