Whenever we talk about ice, we think of a mojito on the beach or that glass of cold water we have right when we get home in the middle of summer. But us at ITV we want to tell you 6 benefits that ice has on our health. Pay attention!


As everyone knows, there is no better product to combat swelling than cold. Applying ice to the affected area not only reduces swelling, but also slows down the secretion of chemicals that cause inflammation itself.


Relieving a toothache with ice is very simple, you just have to place several ITV ice cubes in a bag and put it on the tooth several times. Gradually the inflammation will decrease.


One of the quintessential home remedies against bruises is to use ice wrapped in a cloth, and if it is from ITV, much better. The key is to apply the ice in the first 24 hours after the blow as it will help to both compress the blood vessels and reduce inflammation and pain.

Health benefits of ice

It reduces a fever

Surely you have seen in hundreds of movies that when a person has a fever, they dip a cloth in cold water and put it on their forehead. It is one of the most effective formulas to lower body temperature.

Goodbye hives!

Is there anything worse than non-stop scratching and the itching not getting better? Don’t worry, ice will be your best friend in these cases. If you apply it directly to the itchy area, it will reduce the itching sensation.

Have you been stung by a wasp?

Going to the countryside to spend the day with friends is a great plan but getting stung by a wasp can ruin it. A bee or wasp sting is very painful, but if you react quickly and put an ITV ice pack on the area of the sting, you will be able to stop the swelling.


As you can see, it is very important to have a good ITV ice pack in the freezer, you never know when you might need it. On our website you will find different ice formats: cubes, granules, flakes… And if you have any questions, call us.