Perhaps during the last few months, you have spent more time at home and have realized that you want to renew the appliances and you may have considered the idea of buying a domestic ice machine. This type of machine is an investment in comfort and health, so in this post we will tell you 5 reasons why you should have one at home.


The comfort of always having ice at home

Never again worry about having to go down to the supermarket for ice when you want to enjoy a cold drink. How many times has it happened to you that you have gone to the freezer and not a trace of ice at the worst moment? Or those times that friends or family have gone to your house and you have fallen short?

If you have a domestic ice machine, you just have to turn it on and you can make the amount of ice you need. In addition, these machines have storage chambers where the ice will wait for you at the ideal temperature to be kept for as long as possible.


Enjoy quality and healthy ice

Many people have ice moulds in their freezers where they put water to freeze or store bags of ice already opened, but this is very dangerous since when sharing the space with other foods such as fish, vegetables or meat and the ice can absorb the smell and even the taste of these products.

Another problem related to health and quality is that the ice that is bought in supermarkets, 24-hour corner shops and gas stations go through a whole process of manufacturing, storage, transportation, and distribution to the final point of sale where they can be placed in contact with other products or lose their shape during said route.

Instead, by having an ice machine at home, you will have full control over the hygiene and food safety of the ice cubes. That is why we argue that buying an ice machine is investing in health.


Save space with your domestic ice machine

Surely when you organize dinner parties or very large gatherings, such as a Christmas dinner or a birthday, the space in the fridge and freezer starts to be a problem: cakes, desserts, bread, products that you have frozen … too many things already to add also a couple of bags of ice.

Having an ice machine, in addition to convenience and immediate availability of ice, is also a space saver in your freezer that will save you in more than one occasion.


The importance of ice in beauty and health

In addition to cooling our drink, having ice at home has also other advantages. More and more beauty treatments make use of ice due to its benefits for the skin. An example is the use of ice in massages to achieve a smooth and toned skin.

Ice is also widely used on bumps and injuries to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. There is nothing worse than bumping your foot, going to the fridge for ice, and finding out that you don’t have any cubes left.


Become the best host with a home ice machine

Thanks to a domestic ice machine you will always have quality ice available no matter how many people you invite or how untimely the visit is. Offer the best cocktails to your friends and hold unforgettable family reunions.

In addition, thanks to the advances of the ITV R&D department, we have facilitated the use of our type of domestic ice machines so that any user can make perfect ice cubes at home.


As we have seen, having an ice machine at home has multiple advantages and it can save us from various troubles.

In summary, if you have a domestic ice machine you can enjoy quality ice at all times. If you are interested in buying a domestic ice machine, do not hesitate to contact us and one of the ITV Ice Makers experts will answer all your questions.