In this session we are going to do the talk with Veron Vos, a student from the Netherlands, who is going to tell us about his experience as a trainee at ITV. Its very interesting for us to have international students because we can learn a lot from there, and we love to train them a new job.


  • Where do you live in the Netherlands and what are you studying?

I live in Helmond, it’s a small city of approximately 100.000 inhabitants in the south east of the Netherlands. Helmond is very close to Eindhoven. You might know Eindhoven as Einhoven is the city where Philips was founded and also where my favorite football team PSV Eindhoven is from.

I study International Business at the Summa Collega in Einhoven, my main subjects are sales, marketing and languages (Dutch, Spanish and English). I am in the second year of this study, the whole study takes 3 years in total to complete.


  • Why did you choose ITV for your internship?

I learned about ITV through my study-friend, after checking the website of ITV I was immediately interested. Not only the products and services and international trade character of ITV caught my attention, also the fact that ITV is a very successful family business that is very innovative, customer focussed and continuously strives for improvement and innovation. For me personally it is very important that ITV also puts a lot of efforts on sustainability.


  • What are you doing in your internship programme in ITV?

I started of very simple, in the warehouse I was performing a stock inventory of all the marketing & Sales materials with ITV.

After completing this inventory task, I have mainly been working on business intelligence task which will enable ITV to know more about their competitors. With all the information I have documented ITV will have a better understanding of the products, services and prices of it’s competition.

I have also been working on updating the information database of existing and potential customers.


  • Do you think your experience at ITV will help you in your future career? What have you learned?

For sure it will help me, for me it’s the first working experience within a international environment. The ITV experience will contribute to the successful completion of my International Business study and my professional career after that.

My main learnings are working within an international trade company, dealing with different cultures, getting more insights in practical marketing & Sales. And finally improving my international communication skills, verbal and in writing.


  • What do you like most about “the life” at ITV?

The most I like about «the life» at ITV is it’s hospitality, the warm family company feeling within the Spanish culture and of course working together with my mentor from whom I learn a lot.


  • Would you recommend your experience to other students? Why?

Yes, go for it! Don´t be nervous because this will be the best experience of your life. Working abroad will benefit you a lot in your future working career, because every culture is different, and it is important to get to know the different cultures.

I will recommend the ITV internship experience to other foreign students.


  • What do you like most from Valencia?

Valencia is a beautiful city, one of a kind. I like the old city centre, the people from Valencia are very kind and the history of Valencia is very interesting. The Valencian food is excellent and there is always something going on in town. I also like that Valencia is at the sea with beautiful beaches.


  • And the last question…how do you like coffee?

In Valencia I like my «coffee on ice». Back home where it’s much colder I like my coffee hot!