If you are thinking about the idea of acquiring an ice making machine and you have doubts and concerns about which one is the model you may need, ITV is the solution to your problems.

Companies that usually need a huge quantity of ice, especially in the catering sector and night business, often opt to acquire an ice machine.  This decision is usually taken for two main reasons: saving money long term and the quality of the service.

Save money with an ice machine

For business, the acquisition of an ice machine is not usually an easy decision. This decision- making becomes even more complicated after observing the huge quantity of ranges of machines that exist. In ITV Ice Makers we are experts in manufacturing and distribution of this kind of machinery, so if you have any doubt or you need any information, we are here to help you.

Thanks to the technological improvements that exist in the current market, we have been able to develop new models, and improve the mechanism and the functioning.

Machines manufactured by ITV are easy to use for the final user, achieving an excellent user experience.  It is the same when we talk about the maintenance and the cleaning of the machines. Our ice machines are manufactured and conceived for the user. We want to make your life easier and to remove concerns.

It offers an excellent service

How many times have you had a bad experience with the ices cubes that you offer?

Ice cubes are irregular, melt quickly with drinks and sometimes change its taste… It is important to take all of these factors into account when you serve any kind of drink with ice cubes.

Taking care of the experience that the user is going to live it is important for any business, and acquiring an ice making machine, you will be able to be calm, because this experience will be excellent.

ITV ice machines are manufactured to produce perfect ice cubes, milimetrics in terms of size, with a huge autonomy in the glass and without offering weird tastes.

Choosing the ice machine that your business needs

Depending on your business location, its sector, the quantity of ice that the machine produces can be very different.

In ITV we count with more than 10 different ice machine models, apart from showcases, dispensers…and each one produces one different kind of ice machine. For everything that your business needs in terms of ice, you can contact us.

Big ice cubes, little ones, little with different forms and sizes, flake ice, chip ice, granular…we have an specific ice machine for each one of the types of ice, and depending on your business, you will need one or another.

After reading the article, do you still having doubts about our Company? We are going to offer you another fact: ITV is the leading Company in the manufacturing and distribution of ice machines, and our 35 leading years guarantee us.

Let us advise you and we will assure you that the experience will be more than satisfactory. We remain at your disposal. Reach us by our phone number and email.