The ice it is a key element in maintaining some of the most important sectors of our society, such as health & research.


Ice in hospitals

In hospitals and rehabilitation centers, mainly granular ice is used in traumatology to apply to the patient on the injured area. In addition, in surgery it is also used to lower the patient’s body temperature. Other applications are the transport of organs and, in surgery, it is also used to lower the patient’s body temperature.


Ice in the laboratories

Granular ice is used to quickly cool biological samples and maintain a constant temperature at 4°C. This prevents the degradation of proteins, nucleic acids and enzymes. In addition, the ice makes it possible to work with small volumes of samples, making it much more convenient for the researcher


Ice in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Many experimental and pharmaceutical laboratories use ice for cooling exothermic reactions, for cooling tubes in distillations, and for preserving the properties of certain drugs.



The ICE QUEEN series produces crushed or granular ice using a vertical cylindrical evaporator and heavy-duty auger.

The ITV granular ice produced by the ICE QUEEN range has a higher percentage of moisture being perfect the transport of fi sh and the conservation of food.

The ice production system is simple and reliable, prepared for areas with hard water and diffi cult operating conditions.

The bodywork is all stainless steel AISI 304 easily detachable.

Both versions of the oversized condenser are perfect for hot weather (air-cooled or water-cooled).

Ice machines ice queen range

Comparative table of Ice Queen ice machines