During meat processing, ice maintains a constant temperature at low and hygienic levels. Without the use of ice, the temperature increase caused by the speed and friction of the mixer would adversely affect its colour and lead to bacteriological formation.



Ice maintains the ideal temperature for a longer shelf life of the products and guarantees humidity at the levels required to prolong freshness, while keeping their aesthetic and organoleptic properties unchanged.



During dough preparation it is important to control the temperature of the production area, raw materials and the type of dough. Ice cools the dough and counteracts the temperature increase of the other ingredients, while maintaining the correct water content.



During the processing and packaging of pre-cooked food, ice is used to quickly lower the temperature of the products after the cooking process. This saves time and energy compared to using refrigerators.


SCALA Range: transport, maintain and present the food in the best conditions

The SCALA series produces cold and dry fl at fl akes. Flake thickness may be adjusted between 1.5 mm and 3 mm.

Based on a static cylinder which is free from swivel joints (helical reamer) coupled with a milling tool that detaches the ice without any strained or forced movements.

The most effi cient evaporator of the market, less energy consumption and higher ice production.

Electronic stop system / electrical control panel / drive direct gear motor / magnetic drive pump / low water safety device.

Controllers to detect: low water level, temperature rise due to motor overload or full vat.

Stainless steel soleplate.


SCALA Range Ice Machines

SCALA Range ice machines comparison table