In the fishing industry sector, ice is the most essential element for refrigeration, preservation, transport, distribution and presentation of fresh fish.

Ice is a key element in guaranteeing the quality and good condition of food. It cools products quickly and guarantees suitable humidity levels, preserving the original qualities of freshness and extending the shelf life of food.

Ice is also the best means of refrigerating and storing food during transport and distribution, without affecting its texture or composition, and keeping it in optimum condition for consumption.

Ice not only helps maintain the temperature of fish, but also maintains humidity and ensures the produce remains fresh, shiny and conserves its weight. It also contributes to an attractive presentation of the product at the point of sale.



The ICE QUEEN series produces crushed or granular ice using a vertical cylindrical evaporator and heavy-duty auger.


Transport and present fish in the best conditions

The ITV granular ice produced by the ICE QUEEN range has a higher percentage of moisture being perfect the transport of fi sh and the conservation of food.

The ice production system is simple and reliable, prepared for areas with hard water and diffi cult operating conditions.

The bodywork is all stainless steel AISI 304 easily detachable.

Both versions of the oversized condenser are perfect for hot weather (air-cooled or water-cooled).


ICE QUEEN ice machines

Comparative table ice machines ICE QUEEN range