Avoiding dangers and offering security is currently a very valuable intangible asset.

In the hospitality sector, good service, quality and details are essential for customers. Ice plays a very important role in providing quality service, but on the contrary, maintenance and care of ice machines is often overlooked.

In addition to being necessary for its proper functioning and extending its useful life, it prevents establishments from offering contaminated ice, which can lead to health complications and attract business problems.

Why is important to maintain your ice machine well?

Dangers an establishment will be exposed to if it does not regularly check its ice machine include bacterial illness and food poisoning, as well as limescale and slime.

Many ice machines are located near or within a kitchen, this implies a greater vulnerability when bacteria appear, and their cleaning must be more frequent.

During the months with higher temperatures it is important to regulate your ice machine so that it does not break down and therefore resort to expensive repairs. In addition, another important problem is that some caterers do not know how to properly and thoroughly clean the ice machines.



A well-maintained ice machine is synonymous with better ice and more drinks sold

Ice, when serving drinks has become essential, also for the world of cocktails and spirits. With an ice machine in good condition, you will deliver high-quality, hard, clear ice that is synonymous with less oxygen. Therefore, the result will be a longer period of time without melting. The objective for the customer is to finish his drink without the ice having melted, in this way, it is very likely that they will order another drink, otherwise, when melted, the drink will be longer and will taste different when diluted with the water of the ice.

How much volume should my ice machine make?

It is important that this is well regulated, calculating the ice production of your ice machine in relation to the amount of ice you will use is interesting to use the ice you need and not to run out.
If the production volume has dropped, it means that your ice machine needs an overhaul and probably a repair so that it does not lead to a complete repair in the long run.

Guidelines to follow for the proper maintenance of the ice machine

Here are some tips to maintain your ice machine, offer good service and insurance, and avoid costly or irreversible repairs:

  • For cleaning it, it is very important to use appropriate chemicals recommended by the manufacturer so as not to damage the machine and extend its useful life.
  • It is recommended between 2 and 4 cleanings per year.
  • A change of parts on a regular basis, the filter should be changed every 6 months.
  • It is important to find a good supplier of spare parts so that maintenance is quick and easy.