At ITV we take care of our team and promote a management model that allows a balance between work and personal life, based on flexibility, respect and mutual commitment.

The work-life balance of our employees is very important to us. We are aware that a better quality of life for our team is key to retaining talent, which is essential for ITV to be a great company.

Within our Corporate Social Responsibility policy, PEOPLE ON ICE represents a shared commitment among each of us; to act and relate with integrity, transparency, legality, honesty, fairness and dignity at all times and in all situations, not only for the employees of ITV Ice Makers, but also for each of our customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Therefore, we ask you to respect the availability of our team, as well as the scheduled of business hours, receipt and loading of goods, and more; a necessary commitment to achieve an optimal work environment and, ultimately, to offer a better service.




ONLY TOGETHER CAN WE ALL GROW, enhancing the well-being of the people around us and those with whom we interact and work.