Ice is used daily for many purposes, from the refrigeration of beverages to the maintenance of frozen foods, among others.

It is not a news anymore that natural refrigerants have become the preferred choice when making ice.

In fact, with this technological advance it has been possible to streamline production processes and, most importantly, be sustainable with the environment.


Characteristics of natural ice refrigerants

Here are some of the features that come with this type of ice making machine:

  • Use of refrigerant gases R290 or propane, and R274, which are environmentally friendly

R290 gas, in addition to its low environmental impact, provides another series of benefits such as energy efficiency or reduction of direct emissions, thanks to its thermodynamic properties.

  • In addition, it does not damage the ozone layer and it consists of substances of natural origin.
  • Natural refrigerants for ice
  • Perfect compatibility with the rest of the components

These are the main characteristics of the ice refrigerants that we have at ITV Ice Makers.

It could be said, in summary, that this technology is natural, efficient, economic, and ecological.


Advantages of the new R290 ice machines

These are some of the newest features of the R290 ice machines:

  • Eco-friendly gas: natural gas R290 which, in addition to having an extremely low impact on global warming, saves energy.
  • R290 refrigerant stands out as the most reliable solution in the medium and long term among natural refrigerants for ice.
  • The machine suffers less pressure and produces less noise than the machines of previously produced.
  • This refrigerant performs better in conditions of hot weather or bad condensation.
  • Finally, it incorporates other advances such as the best release of the ice cube, as well as allows the incorporation and management of warnings, having total control over the ice refrigerant machine.

R290 ice machine types

In this sense, at ITV we incorporate different ranges so that you can choose between these options:

  • NG Range (Alfa, Delta, Gala, Super Star): which improves production by up to 11%, in addition to high efficiency in terms of energy and water consumption.
  • Spika Range: allows to save up to 25% energy and 50% water.
  • Ice Queen Range: increases energy and water efficiency rates by more than 7%.

In short, the three ranges include significant improvements in saving water and energy, as well as in production processes.

In addition, natural ice refrigerants represent the new green and eco-friendly era of the ice industry. All this to satisfy the new needs of the new clients, that are more and more aware of the need for a better world.