For many decades, having an ice maker machine has been the exception, not the rule. Getting and installing these machines at home or commercial establishments supposed a big investment and abundant inconveniences. Now technology is on our side.

With the years, the best of technology was invested in getting more efficient and convenient solutions in refrigeration. At ITV Ice Makers, we have been innovating for decades, developing new solutions for the ice making industry. Thanks to our specialists and the commitment they have invested in producing high-quality products, today our customers can enjoy of the best ice at home and business.

So, why do you need an ice maker machine? In the following lines, we will talk about some of the reasons for investing in this kind of product.

Offering the Best Experience in Hostelry and Restoration

For those in the hostelry and restoration industries, having a high-efficiency ice making machine is paramount. While we used to rely on ice making companies to serve the end customer, now we can have recently-made ice cubes under our own roof.

When it comes to helping clients at hotels and restaurants, the service’s quality is everything. When we don’t have the capacity to offer ice when it’s needed, we are compromising the quality of the experience. The businesses in this sector depend on this service to grow and succeed.

Having an ice making machine that satisfies the expectations is fundamental to complement the experiences in these delicate sectors, complying this way with the demands that many clients may have on the daily basis.

What High-End Cocktails Deserve

Speaking of hostelry and restoration, we need to give emphasis to cocktails. This remarkable art depends on high-quality ice cubes. It results impossible to offer exquisite cocktails if we don’t add ice cubes with enough quality.

Cocktail masters know well that ice plays a key role in the drinks they prepare. A low-quality ice cube can negatively affect the taste and flavor of the cocktail, ruining the experience. Because of this, at ITV Ice Makers we have worked hard to create high-end machines that deliver the best results in this scenario.

Convenient Solutions for Domestic Use

Having an ice making machine isn’t an exclusive thing for commercial establishments and industrial businesses. Thanks for the convenience and comfort that these machines do offer, they had become an ideal companion at home.

Many of us have common refrigerators which can produce ice cubes in a practical way. However, this kind of equipment isn’t as half as efficient as dedicated ice making machines. The former isn’t also capable of producing high-quality ice cubes, affecting the final experience.

Satisfying Special Needs in Healthcare

But ice production and application goes beyond commercial and domestic realms. Did you know that hospitals, for many different reasons, require a consistent stock of ice cubes ready to use? Because of this, it becomes illogic that, nowadays, a healthcare institution depends on a third-party ice making company for its daily consumption.

An ice making machine delivers countless benefits to healthcare institutions as these can get rid of an important burden. Getting independent from the third-party ice providers, hospital staff can take full control and have a constant, unlimited stock whenever is needed.

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