Considering the time in which we are living, companies, and especially those in the hospitality industry, have had to reinvent themselves and adapt to the new lifestyles that customers have taken.

As a consequence, many restaurants and hospitality establishments have had to promote their delivery service.

For delivering food, there are many containers that perfectly withstand the heat, but … what about drinks? Can they stay cold during the delivery between the venue and the customer’s house?


ITV ice is the solution

To keep beverages cold during a food delivery, it is essential to have ice that does not melt and lasts long enough for it to arrive at its destination in good condition.

The ice produced by ITV ice machines has a great durability and, depending on the type of drink chosen, one type of ice or another could be used.


Ice cubes

Perfect for soft drinks and other kinds of beverages. We have 7 ice machines, which generate a different type of ice, so every solution is specific to the client’s needs and the type of drink that they usually sell.

These types of ice differ in their resistance and, most of all, in their shape.


Granulated ice

Granulated ic,e or nugget ice, is an ideal type of ice for cocktails and mixed drinks, since it gently mixes the flavours of the drink, but without watering it down.

This ice is crunchy, does not detract from the flavour of the drink and can be enjoyed in any leisure environment.


Delivery Ice


Products “Drinks to go”

The container in which the drinks are transported through the delivery service is also important, although there is much less variety on the market in comparison to food containers.

This aspect is much less considered, although there are already some brands that are trying to fill this void.

These companies have begun to launch plastic containers that keep their contents cold in a much more efficient way than traditional ones.

These disposable containers typically include wine glasses (stemless) margarita glasses, other type of glasses, lids, and specific containers for alcoholic beverages.

Products “Drinks to go”, this is what this range of innovative products for the hospitality industry is called.


It is still too early for packaging to be standardized but having quality ice in your business is already possible. Whether it is to provide a quality service on the spot or to perform any drink delivery, ice is an essential aspect that should not be underestimated.

Rely on ITV for your next ice machine and choose quality.